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Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live By By Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall (2004)

Our capitalist culture and the business practices that operate within it are in crisis.
Capitalism as we know it today--an amoral culture of short-term self-interest,
profit maximizatoin, emphasis on shareholder value, isolationist thinking,
and profligate disregard of long-term consequences--is an unsustainable system,
a monster set to consume itself.

....(the authors describe how) to shift individuals and our culture from a state of
acting from lower motivatons (fear, greed, anger, and self-assertion) to one of
acting from higher motivations (exploration, cooperation, power-within, mastery,
and higher service).

The word knight itself derives from the Old English word cniht, which means "a servant".
The modern Templars are today's "servant leaders," the men or women who serve their
most fundamental values and purposes through doing more highly motivated work in the world.
These are the men and women who are needed to build spiritual capital for our
organizations. It is they who will lead the way in building sustainable capitalism.

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